World Childhood Foundation

The Black discount days began with Black Friday because it is the day after Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November) and many people take the day off. The Black discount days have one major disadvantage: they are a financial trap for customers who are drawn to impulse purchases, resulting in overconsumption. OUR GOAL is to help reduce baby product consumption by developing smarter solutions. As a result, STUCKIES® and Black Friday do not go together.

We have decided to use Black Friday, November 26th, as a day to start something good, so the name has been changed to Charity Week.
We collaborated with several of your favorite brands to host an Instagram donation event for the World Childhood Foundation, whose mission is to prevent child violence, sexual abuse, and exploitation.
From November 26th to December 3rd, followers who donate to the Foundation through our Instagram Fundraiser Post will be entered to win an incredible gift basket (worth over 5000 kr) filled with prizes from STUCKIES®, Kuling, Silly Silas, BabyMocs, Les Enfants, and ARC of Sweden!
Where your donations are going!

The World Childhood Foundation works to prevent violence and sexual abuse of children. We provide support to local organizations that develop new innovative methods that help children and families in vulnerability. We also work actively to strengthen the quality and disseminate proven models that reach children and families who have not previously received the support they need. With relatively small investments, coupled with close dialogue and support, Childhood can act as an incubator and help new ideas and organizations to grow and become sustainable. Childhood was founded in 1999 by Queen Silvia.